About Me

This is a blog about baseball from someone who never played the game. I don’t live in my mother’s basement, yet I use stats like WAR, FIP, ISO, wRC+, because, well, loving the history and mysticism of baseball and thinking about baseball don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I understand that stats like Wins and RBIs have been used for so long that it is hard to grasp that they are asinine and irrelevant, but they are. If you disagree, it doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, it just means you’re a moron. But that’s ok, I’m largely a moron too.

And finally, I yearn for a simpler time, when baseball was played by kids in the streets, when baseball players were gentlemen who espoused drugs and carried groceries for old ladies, and when pitchers picked up a bat from the dugout, walked to the plate and swung at some pitches, but we live in a modern age, where hitting a baseball is really freakin’ hard. So rather than watch pitchers flail at three pitches a foot outside the zone, Major League baseball should have a DH – IN BOTH LEAGUES. Sorry, like screw caps on wines, I understand it isn’t as traditionally romantic as having a guy in a warm up jacket lunging at pitches, but it makes the game better. Trust me.

If you want to read my occasional thoughts on other sports (namely hoops), you can click here.

And, if you want to read my occasional musing on Fatherhood or Food, you can click here.


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